Services Offered

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Founding Soil Inspection
  • Slope Stability Assessment
  • Frost Protection Details
  • Estimated Percolation Time
  • Noise Assessment
  • Overview

    Geotechnical Investigations

    The purpose of a geotechnical investigation is to identify the subsurface conditions at a site by means of a limited number of test holes and provide guidelines on the geotechnical engineering aspects of the design of the project including construction considerations which could influence design decisions.

    Founding soil inspections

    Founding soil inspections are carried out prior to the construction of new structures in order to confirm the bearing capacity used for the design of the structure.

    Slope Stability Assessments

    The purpose of a slope stability assessment is to comment on the stability of a slope at the location of a proposed structure/roadway by providing a safe construction setback or slope stabilization measures

    Frost protection Details

    Where footings cannot be provided with suitable soil cover, the frost protection may be provided using a combination of earth cover and suitable extruded polystyrene insulation (i.e. Styrofoam). The extent and thickness of the polystyrene insulation will vary based on the thickness of soil cover provided.

    Estimated percolation time and silt content for septic systems

    Based on the results of a gradation analysis on a sand sample, an estimated percolation rate (t-time) may be provided for septic system design using correlations between grains size distribution and permeability.

    Noise Assessment

    Noise assessments are usually required for residential and commercial developments located near railways or major roadways. The purpose of a noise assessment is to comment on the impact of the noise emitted from railways and major roadways on the proposed development and provide mitigation measures (such as special building materials noise barriers, etc.), where the noise levels exceed the acceptable sound levels.